Here’s What That Post About Taking a Train Across the USA for $213 Doesn’t Tell You
Eric Fadden

This guy, Eric, is very funny. I just took Amtrak from Flagstaff,Az to Chicago, and then to Boston. I did have a ‘roomette’, and I am happy that I payed the $2000. for that. From Az. to Chicago, I didn’t have a toilet in my room, but from Chicago to Boston, I did. The ‘roomette’ is VERY tight, but not too bad, as far as comfort goes. It’s very hard to go potty on a train, whether the jon is in your room, or not. The constant banging back & forth is true. You can’t really write when the train is in motion. But, the food in the dining car was delicious and is included with the price of the room. I would travel this way again knowing what to expect. I was able to exit the train close to my destination, which was a BIG plus. I recommend it. Really! I do.