Veganism Is Not About Loving Animals
Caitlin A-C

If the reason why you object to eating animals is because you don’t view yourself as superior to them, what exactly makes you superior to plants so that you can eat them?

Plants are living as well, and definitely a species. If you decide that you aren’t superior to animals (who are species), then in order to avoid a logical contradiction (fallacy), you would have to treat plants (also species) the same. Otherwise, you are also commiting the same error as people who eat meat.

If treating all species equally and in an egalitarian fashion means that we are morally forbidden from eating them, that would mean starvation for all humans. This is clearly not a usable standard to base your claim that we should not eat animal products.

Ethics should provide us with a consistent and usable standard, meaning that it doesn’t lead to contradictions, and gives us a meaningful way to make decisions. Your proposed ethical argument doesn’t meet these requirements.