Why I Love Aba 1 #AbiaHackaton

I have been asked several times, what’s up with you and Aba, Abia State, Nigeria? With all the growth and prospect your business have enjoyed in Lagos, the commercial Capital of Nigeria if not Africa, you have always wanted to start something, do something, lead something, grow something in Aba even with all the negative reports and assumed mindset about the city.

Well truth be said, I believe in the future of Aba, I believe in a and healthy Aba, I believe in a wealthy and prosperous Aba, and its not just wishful thinking. Aba has a great future, the city and its dwellers have demonstrated an undeniable resilience over the decades, with home to the 3 largest market in Nigeria, great number of skilled and semi-skilled artisans in Leather and textile industries. Aba has a high growth capacity and has a huge number of teachable and willing to grow entrepreneurs. In the Tech space I see Abia becoming really great, In November, 2015 I hosted the first Startup Weekend in Aba. In attendance was 74 participants, we had 21 ideas pitched and 5 ideas were worked on during the weekend, one the teams www.mypaymart.com went on to contest at the #GlobalStartupBattle and came top 2 at the MiddleEast-Africa Regional contest. Was among the top 12 worldwide in the #Battle.

Today some of these startups have opened doors to customers. The nature of businesses in Aba is an indication that a rising league of TechStartups will position to support the large number of small businesses, government agencies and ministries in the cities of Aba an Umuahia or serve the growing population or even provide jobs for the unemployed.

Aba’s worst nightmare over the years have been poor infrastructure, which is receiving attention by the present government . But with a population of above 3.5million people Abia sitting at the center of South-East South-South Nigeria, a development in Aba will bring great development to most parts of Nigeria. Many adjoining cities depend on Aba for many of their product needs and Aba’s export potential it is a city that must not be overlooked.

Am at it again this time with friends like @Chimeasonye Laiza Elizabeth Kalu @bestAndafa we are organizing the first ever #AbiaHackathon in April 2016. To put it on the global stage we are Hacking #SDGs. Happening during the Global Youth Service week with the theme “Putting Abia First on SDGs” This time we are opening the doors of Abia to the Tech World to all programmers and coders to come and Hack SDG- Sustainable Development Goals.

Stay with me as this is not the last you will hear on this matter.

Yours For Africa

Daniel Chinagozi

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