A Code of Ethics for Yoga Teachers ~ a draft
Jennifer O'Sullivan

Hi Jennifer — thanks for that. Good conduct would be a wonderful thing to see within yoga communities, or any community. The problem as I see it is that those who would engage in misconduct would readily agree to the code of conduct you suggest, or any code. It is just that they would break without telling anyone, if the perceived benefit outweighed their promise. Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas are a very incomplete ethical framework and not enough, as you say. I’d say if a human being believes they will continue in some form forever in the face of absolutely no evidence for that claim, then they are already a) incredibly selfish and b) a candidate for unreasonable thinking and therefore perhaps behaviour. The people I know and trust the most make no incredible claims to knowledge, they don’t believe such things, and when asked if they have problems they reply “yes”.

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