Money is Happiness

The common perception is that money equates to happiness. That money will enable us to fulfil our purpose, our goals, our dreams.

Contrary to the title ‘Money is Happiness’ this is not true. In fact I would argue that money causes unhappiness. Too often I see myself and those around me, friends, family, strangers consumed by the notion of ‘making money’. We have been taught this idea. Our whole life we have been told that new is better. That attaining a vast array of inanimate objects such as phones, shoes, cars, clothing etc. will grant us happiness. This is not the case. It is often evident that as these objects are progressively accumulated, our happiness progressively depletes.

Now sure, while temporary happiness is achieved from the attainment of these objects such as a new phone, it is often short lived by the yearning for more of the new and more of the material.

This gross consumerism has been programmed within us throughout our entire lives. The media, our parents and our schools have bombarded us with the notion that if we get a job that pays well, we will be happy. This has caused greed to develop within us. This need to consume and gain money and other materialistic objects is not only extremely detrimental to ourselves, but also those around us and more importantly the environment.

I implore those of you reading this to realise the impact of our greed. To realise that happiness is not achieved through gaining a vast amount of materialistic objects such as money. To realise that we need to change our perceptions.

Realise that happiness comes from within you. Don’t spend your life accumulating these meaningless objects. Instead, form meaningful relationships, follow your passions, travel, explore yourself and connect with nature. I guarantee that you will attain far greater happiness spending your life gaining skills and experiences in areas that you are interested in compared to dispassionately gaining money.

Remember, Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, Wisdom is better than silver or gold — Bob Marley

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