My classmates talk about Black people like we are some amorphous concept that they read about in that one Black studies course they had to take to satisfy their undergraduate degree. When I say, “uh, this article is racist,” my colleagues respond with “but we can’t just throw the baby out with the bath water.” Which is code for, yes this is racist, but I will still use this article to further my own research and maximize my personal scholastic gain. Personally, I think we should throw out the whole tub.
Grad School Is Trash for Students of Color and We Should Talk About That
Ciarra Jones

This really made me think. I may have even said similar things in college, for which I’m sorry. Today I read this paragraph and substituted “anti-Semitic” for “racist.” When I did that, it became a no-brainer not to use the article. I realize I should have the same reaction to “racist” as I do to “anti-Semitic.” This what I will strive for in the future when deciding whether to use or recommend materials.