“Talk Data To Me” amasses 108 Views and 31 Subscribers in 14 hours

Wow! In the first 14 hours live, “Talk Data To Me” Podcast has amassed 108 views and 31 subscribers! It is clear to see that small YouTubers want to learn how to maximize the effectiveness of their channel by understanding what analytics are and how they can help.

Next weeks episode will take the analysis a step further and select a channel (or more) from those who subscribe and comment on the first video and provide feedback on their analytics and how to improve their channel.

It would be no surprise if every single small YouTuber took 5 minutes to check out this video and subscribed and commented for their chance at a free channel analysis and growth advice.

Not to mention that their first topic “Can Sub4Sub Be A Good Thing?” provides a level of analysis not typically provided on the subject. It is worth a watch just for that information alone.