Everything is sad when it’s turned 180 degrees.

Dear Slack

I’m frustrated. I’m sitting here with the Slack app opened on my MacBook Pro while I bite my nails and nurse this eye twitch I’ve developed.

You see, I enjoy using your creation. It’s wonderful and magical and everything I would want in a digital wife — it reminds me to do things, yells at me when it wants my attention, and makes me happy.

The Pickle

It was today that I realized there’s something I’m not happy about, though. Today it dawned on me that when I’m having a conversation with a coworker and the debate gets all hot and steamy, I seem to forget what channel I’m in.

Naturally this is chaos and I start talking about topics that ought to be saved for their own (already created!) channel.

This is, of course, no fault of your own.


Wouldn’t it be cool if, when I was typing something into that wonderful little text entry field, you notice that I mention a word that happens to be the same name as another channel? And, after you take notice of this, you ever-so-politely tell me that there may already be a channel for that?! That sounds swell.

I feel better already.

Tried and True

Before you call me crazy, this complaint (AKA feature request) is completely practicable! We can see evidence of this same behaviour in Outlook’s ability to notice you’ve mentioned an attachment in your email body, but have yet to attach one! What a life saver that can be.

And so, in conclusion, I leave you with a decision to make. It may well take you 300 milliseconds to make, or it could take 3 months . Whatever kind of conversation arises from this, I hope that it’s enlightening and happens in its intended channel.