Oh No! I got a digital tattoo last night!

So Neil Armstrong’s foot print on the moon will apparently remain there for a very long time and that is in space! A mark left in physical history. Funny enough on earth what you do and say on the internet leaves a similar but digital footprint but on earth footprints fade but tattoos stay for a very long time.

(best un-tag those bachelor night pictures)

The internet is a sponge soaking up anything that you decide to type or post from photos, to rants, blogs, anything and it becomes stored in the vault of the big infamous internet memory (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN)

It is safe to say that we citizens of the internet world just need to be more conscious with regards to what comes out of our brains and through our finger tips because the end result could be that we now have a tattoo that reminds you of that silly mistake you made.

(I am sorry, but I am sure that symbol means ‘milk of a cow’ in Mandarin not ‘peace love and harmony’)

Being aware of matters such as this could aid you in the long run. Being a simple nobody is not a problem but if I were to go for a snazzy job interview… well they might do some serious digging so best keep my digital persona in check.

(What? But I don’t know what tattoo I want!)

But it’s not all scary as there are some benefits to the digital tattoo. It can show all the hard and positive work that you have accomplished in the career path you have chosen spreading that sweet positive message that humans are all searching for these days. This can be very beneficial for an employer (oh… let’s say in the education industry) as our digital social life plays a large role. We can see this with regards to the past as some teachers have lost their jobs for not showing their digital persona in a professional manner.

The point to take from this is that we are adults and are responsible for our actions and that we should consciously be aware that our digital persona is a reflection of our natural self so it is best to show the positive side and become role models for any viewer, reader or listener who is paying attention as one day you won’t be just representing yourself but your future employer’s/companies reputation.

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