The Lost Mind Of One

Upon attending university I told myself “don’t worry you’ll be fine” is this a lie we all tell ourselves or is it like liquid courage that feeds into the minds soul as to give strength to a very easily distracted brain? Lectures are a wonderful filled with information, knowledge and what better way than to let this all sink in… but alas that is not me the truth is my mind tends to wander, become distracted, searching for cheap laughs to entertain the ones around me. Is it happiness that I am hunting for in life? or is it just a smile that strengthens the soul? who knows! all I know is I get a hell of a kick out of it. The rush that you could possibly bomb and look ‘the fool’ although when you embrace that you are ‘a fool’, or essentially who you are, well the road is then paved in gold and you will glide across ‘acceptance street.’

Entertainment is what I myself am hunting for in this bizarre journey we call life and it is one thing I want to share the day that I become a teacher. To see peoples faces light up when you feed them from the fountain of knowledge through sheer entertainment. People tend to pay more attention to the things that entertain them. Have you noticed that? when something humorous catches your eye you will turn and give all your attention to it. Now imagine being a 7 year old kid who gets distracted by a mere bird outside the window. How does one keep a classroom full of 7 year olds engaged?

Each day as a teacher will become a new day to perform. To hop on that stage and ‘break a leg’ so to speak and we need to crank out the inner Hugh Jackman in all of us (gosh is he not just a dream) and yes I do have a man crush on Hugh Jackman I mean how could you not he sings, he dances and he is Wolverine! so what I am trying to say is I want to be the Hugh Jackman of teaching.

So how do we, as future teachers, gain these entertainment skills? I am hoping that university will enlighten me with the answers just like how they lighten my wallet with their ridiculous coffee prices! but I still pay them anyway. Though as we all continue and start to learn our craft of how to perform all we can do is act it out as engaging and entertaining as possible cause we all have that little entertainer spark in all of us and as the great Robin Williams once said “you’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it” and no matter how silly I may be I never intend to lose that little spark the guides me.

So why the blog? Well the information I will be giving in these pages will be in regards to my journey to become a teacher and any subject that interests myself with regards to teaching. It should also be noted that all of the work in these blogs are my own accept to where I have referenced.

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