Midterm Assignment

  1. There are various different ways to generate both fans and revenue. One way is to engage with fans through social media. Social Media is in many different forms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also include in a way even though it is more of a streaming service, you have the ability to follow others and like and share material (youtube as well). Monetization of these websites can also generate revenue for the artist if he/she does big numbers.
  2. On Instagram the main objective is to connect with fans through photographs. Something as simple as posting a picture of a well known location can be a good way of connecting with people. Twitter is basically like Instagram just for words. Twitter is a major platform to let fans know about what you have coming up and what your doing right now. All the platforms are live with time of publishing which is also a huge way people connect with it.
  3. Some social media platforms provide a “pro” option that has a monthly fee but it will give you special benefits and direct data. Sound Cloud for example offers this and give you extremely precise data down to how many times someone plays a certain post or what city your song is biggest in. Advantages of Social Media is reaching the biggest audience possible and getting feedback through numbers and comments made a disadvantage might be to much time consumed using all the number of different social media sites. Advantage of direct data is without saying, its direct and right from who you are testing. You have a better understanding of your particular demographic. Disadvantage would be people tend to lie on research questions where as numbers do not lie in social media’s case.
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