Pity Porn For Racists: The Media Wants You To Feel Sorry For Trump Supporters. Don’t.
Oliver Willis

I’m gonna follow this racist troll to see what other drivel and pure lies he perpetuates. He is making a living of racism and it’s pretty disgusting. “The system is still set up for you to have a home field advantage, and the rules and many of the referees are still rigged for the outcome to tilt in your favor.” OH MAN! Don’t THAT just beat all!
Another thing, I can feel empathy for any minority that grew up during the 60's and early 70's as they suffered the most from INSTITUTIONALIZED racism. But please, spare me your sob story if you’re a 20 or 30-something minority. You DO NOT KNOW OPPRESSION. If you say you do, you’re being more than dishonest. You are looking for white Americans to feel guilty (which too many already do) and give you a free pass in society based on your skin color rather than your merits. And given the behavior of many young black Americans in the colleges recently, those merits are lacking in both emotional qualities and understanding how a civilized society operates.
Quit whining, Willis…we don’t owe you a damn thing.

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