Notes: sending my newsletters by SES

daniel de kay
Feb 20 · 1 min read

Note to self: I don’t do this often enough to remember, but might need to in the future again.
Here’s a few notes that describe how it’s done.

General setup

  • self-hosted newsletter tool “sendy” which sends out email newsletters via Amazon’s SES
  • domain’s DNS records are managed via Route53 (useful: is a command line tool to edit/import/export DNS settings)
  • sending email address must be verified on SES. Sendy can do that for you.
  • add a sender subdomain via SES, and add it to the Route53 automatically.


  • for main domain use TXT “v=spf1 mx a -all”
  • for bulkmailer domain let SES do the job


  • add the domain to SES and let Amazon generate the DKIM codes


Test it

  • send a test email through SES, and check the email headers. SpamAssassin should show a score much smaller than 2.0
  • email newsletter testing at

Make it pretty

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