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The metrics on getting things done in ‘19

Todoist, the tool I use to manage personal and professional life, just released my 2019 Year in Review. Every year, they release a personalized report for every user. It includes broad data about when and how you get stuff done. It’s awesome! 🤓

I wanted to share some quick thoughts with you all- to tell you about one of my favorite tools, and to share some reflections on my numbers.

We’ll cover:

  • Highlights from 2019
  • Changes I’d like…

This is an issue of Curious, my personal newsletter for inquisitive product managers, founders, and friends. Each week I talk about something interesting at the intersection of tech and business.

Friday Night Ideas and Eggnog

Hi friends. I hope you’ve had a great week. I’m tapping away here from my home office. The baby’s sleeping, my wife (a teacher) is grading papers, and here I am writing the 2nd issue of Curious while sipping some eggnog and whiskey. Read last week’s here.

It’s a good night — and I’m excited to share some interesting things I came across this week. …

This is the very first issue of Curious, my newsletter for inquisitive minds. Colliding ideas in business, economics, tech, and culture. Read by product managers, founders, and my friends. You can check it out (without subscribing) here.

Welcome to the very first issue of Curious! Typically I’d be writing this thing on Friday evening, but tonight we’ve got a real rage-er (ing?) PARTY planned.

My wife and I invited a bunch of other parents with tiny humans over to our house for a late Halloweeen party. It’s from 5–7pm, because babies gotta sleep. 😂

So I’m sipping a coffee and…

This article was co-written by Celeste Fiorillo and Daniel Di Bartolo, two teammates with exceptionally Italian last names. Celeste manages projects for large software teams. Daniel is a PM and writes Curious, a newsletter for the inquisitive.

Product managers collaborate with many people across the organization. Designers, developers, marketers, executives — in reality, the whole company.

While talking with our friends and colleagues in cross functional teams, we’ve noticed a shared challenge.

And that, my friends, is the art of the follow-up.

But What is The Follow-Up?

The follow-up is how you communicate when you need something from someone but they’re not getting back to…

I write essays on tech, business, and economics over on my personal site. If you like this, maybe you’ll like How Kroger Get’s Rich Delivering your Avocados: a primer on the unit economics

As I was scrolling through Twitter I came across Jeff Bezos’ 2018 letter to Amazon shareholders. I love reading these things for a couple of reasons:

Daniel writes Curious, a newsletter for inquisitive PMs.

It was the best feeling.

After pitching my company’s VP of Product, I walked out of that room with my first product job. After over a year of planning, learning, and yes, scheming — I was a Product Manager.

As 2018 winds to a close, many people are talking about the past — their lessons learned and battles won in life, business, and relationships. It’s also a natural time to make moves and dream about the future.

So let’s dream about the future.

Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash

Hi there, I’m Daniel. I’m a product manager who builds apps on the web, iOS, and Android. I wrote this post several months ago. Since then, Moviepass has been the in news almost daily — making changes, burning MORE cash, and pissing off customers. Lots of people are discovering this post organically — if you’re interested in chatting more about product management or strategy don’t be afraid to say hello. :)

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’ve heard of Moviepass. Moviepass has been around for awhile, but they made headlines last year when they dropped the price of their…

I can remember the first time I heard 99% Invisible.

I was on a road trip, my phone full of new music and podcasts.

With the window down, wind in my hair, and nothing but hours of open road ahead of me — I hit play.

“This is 99% Invisible. I’m Roman Mars.”

I can’t actually remember what that first episode was about, (there are over 300 episodes on cities, architecture, infrastructure, and the design of everyday things) but I remember hitting play again and again.

Roman Mars, aside from having the coolest name in podcasting (sorry Ira), is probably…

I just completed my first year as a Product Manager (woo-hoo!). At many companies (including ours) there’s no clear *path* to product management — and often no clear job description. My boss recently asked me to contribute to a JD, and I expanded on my original document below.

As a Product Manager, your job is to cast a vision for your product that supports and fulfills the strategic goals of the company. You’ll act as a human API between designers, engineers, and marketers to bring that vision to life.

It’s on you to ensure that your product is solving problems…

Daniel Di Bartolo

Obsessively curious. PM building consumer mobile products. I stop to read all the interpretive signs. Usually reading, cooking, or traveling ✈️.

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