My Boracay Experience

Welcome to Paradise Island. It´s not just about the beautiful beaches, the world-famous sunsets or the friendly locals that make this island to one of my favorite destinations on earth. It´s more about the experience I made together with two friends and my brother that made this time so unforgettable.

Let me introduce myself: I´m Dan, 20 years old and son of a Portuguese father and Filipina mother. I´m born in Abu Dhabi but raised in Cologne, Germany. Now, I am living in Amsterdam and studying International Tourism Management. Kinda confusing right…? After I graduated from high school and finished a three-month internship in a hotel in Cologne, I was not sure what to do with my life and had this crazy idea with my good friend Leo to travel around the Philippines for 3 months. Never have I been away for so long and this was a whole new experience for me. The thought of being so far away for such a long time was quite frightening but at the same time exciting. One and a half months have passed since we left Germany and I was in Hong Kong with my brother Julian, visiting our aunt, and Leo was in Vietnam with another good friend of ours, Monty. My brother and I coming from Hong Kong and Leo and Monty from Hanoi, we all met at the place we booked through AirBnb in… Boracay.

Getting to know Boracay: For those of you who don´t know Boracay, it´s a small island in the center of the Philippines. About 40 minutes by plane from Manila. It is so small that it only takes about 50 minutes by tricycle from one end of the island to the other. Tricycles are motorbikes with a covered sidecar and are the most popular way of getting from a to b. Boracay doesn´t have Taxis. It has Tricycles. And one of those tricycles probably saved my life, but more about that later.

You can divide the island roughly into five areas. Station 1, the quieter side of the white beach where most expensive luxury hotels are (not so exciting). Station 2 is the area you can find restaurants, bars, cafés, the D´mall market and quite affordable accommodation. It is also the area where most of the parties are going on. Station 3, also offers cheap accommodation and is a little less crowded than station 2. The northern and southern parts have even better and more luxurious resorts than station 1 and is only affordable for the very rich people.

Then there is the Bulabog beach side. I highly recommend looking for a place in this area. It´s cheap, not far from station 2, less crowded than in the stations, there is a small supermarket nearby and the sunsets from this side of the island is breathtaking. We rented a cozy villa made of bamboo, ideal for four people. We had two double beds, a small kitchen, and a surprisingly modern bathroom. After travelling around the Philippines for quite some time we were glad to have a shower head and a toilet with a flush. Things you rarely find in the rural areas of the Philippines. This place is ideal for pre-drinking games and we even had an extremely sharp metal ceiling fan to keep us cool.

Why did we visit Boracay?: Boracay is one of the highlights in the Philippines and probably the most famous tourist spot in the country. After visiting Palawan and parts of Luzon we decided that our next destination should be in the Visayas (the center of the Philippines). It was our plan anyways, from the beginning on, to visit Boracay at some point during our travels but what really convinced us to visit and created a huge anticipation were the endless great stories my cousins had to tell us. They were telling us about the massive festival that was in Boracay that time and the diversity of nationalities that come together in the small island. They made us so excited to visit this place that Monty even decided to ignore his return flight to Australia, where he was travelling before, and stay for three months instead of the planned two weeks. My brother has arrived to the Philippines and we travelled later to Hong Kong, while my friends were in Vietnam for two weeks making Boracay the ideal place to reunite.

The next couple of weeks I will tell you about my experience I made on Boracay and share with you some crazy stories we have to tell. If you visited Boracay please share your experience with me! Stay tuned and don´t forget to subscribe.