Using College as the World’s Best Platform for Personal Growth

The landscape of the higher education system is changing at an extremely rapid pace. No longer does the road to post college success solely entail going to class, maintaining a solid GPA, and killing the interview at the senior year job fair.

As an overly involved rising junior, I’ve both picked the brains of successful post-grads and have witnessed more than my fair share of friends move back in with their parents, jobless after they walk across the stage. There is a small demographic of students that figure out how to read the cards of the current university system, and prosper thereafter.

Instead of looking at college as the last step before the “real world” sets in — I view it as an entirely real microcosm of post graduate life. The key difference being that everyone works for you and provides a massive bank of resources for your disposal.

The most successful students grab hold of these resources and relationships. They turn them into side projects, extracurricular clubs, start-up companies, and other very “real world” tangible experiences. They actively seek out professional relationships, guidance, and mentorship.

Most importantly, they look for and engage in as many “real world” situations and experiences, such as leadership roles, internships, and extracurriculars as possible — so they can experience post situations in a relatively risk free environment.

The best companies in the world now are hiring intrinsically motivated, entrepreneurial graduates who care more about projects and work experience than grade point averages and honors societies.

College gives students a platform to gain invaluable experience, backed with all of the resources of an endowed university — and just requires that students seek it out.

-Daniel Dispenziere

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