assessment one.

Central park, taken from the outdoor seating area — Daniel Dobson
Central park, looking down on another building in the centre — Daniel Dobson

Thomas struth and a contemporary building that stresses abstraction thanks to its use of the grid

When I set out to take photographs for this task, I intended on focusing on the works of Ezra Stoller, and the technique ‘A contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light’. But when I began photographing, I was quite taken by the colour of the city and how much these colours added to the beauty of the architecture. Additionally, the geometric nature and framing of the central park buildings established a connection to the work of Thomas Struth. who’s work highlights contemporary buildings stressing abstraction thanks to the use of the grid and more recently has begun incorporating colour. The central park building, my subject for this task, utilises hard lines and rectangular shapes in combination with green, lush vegetation incorporated either onto the building itself, or outside of it, and reflecting the colours on its glass walls. The lines frame the building, establishing a grid. But the vegetation incorporated into parts of the building blur the lines of the grid, and creating a separate frame, whilst simultaneously creating abstraction. The reflection of the vegetation in the buildings grid like window has the same effect; separating the two elements, but also establishing an abstract relationship between nature and the man-made building.


Unbewusste Orte / Unconscious Places, (Bern 1987)

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