How to raise up to USD 1 billion via Token Generation Events : An Introduction

“There will always be bubbles in any asset class, and volatility in nascent technologies can be high as the market matures and goes through
the natural cycle of greed, fear, and poor risk assessment. However, the market is maturing rapidly and we are evolving into a dual token model where we will see security tokens — an improvement to the traditional securities market — and utility tokens used. Of course, this is disruptive tech, but with an eye on fundamentals — stellar, agile teams, sound financials and governance
- the future economy is taking shape.” — Daniel Santos

  • Founder and Chief Executive, Token Advisors
  • Cryptocurrency strategist and valued blockchain advisor to boards globally
  • Over 15 years experience in respected financial institutions including Citigroup (London), Renaissance Capital (Moscow) and Standard Chartered (Singapore)

“In 2018 I have seen a bifurcation between high-quality projects focusing on the private sale route and higher-risk, often low-quality solely going the public sale path; my focus is on building long-term value and ensuring that we don’t issue zombie tokens into the market.”

Chief executive of Singapore-headquartered Token Advisors, Daniel Santos is a cryptocurrency strategist and go-to advisor for tokenisation of assets who works closely with entrepreneurs, family offices and SMEs.

Born in the land of Bossa Nova, Brazil, Santos has been deeply immersed in the world of banking, with over a decade and a half working the spectrum of the financial world, from asset management, to yield optimisation. Eager to move beyond traditional banking and sighting disruption in the evolving economy, Santos founded Token Advisors in 2016 with a firm step and investment into the crypto-world.

In just the first seven months of 2018, Santos has helmed efforts to successfully raise US$700 million for ICOs; among them is blockchain entertainment platform, TaTaTu — currently the world’s third-largest coin offering. By end 2018, given the strong pipeline of deals signed, ICOs that Santos is working on will have raised US$1.2 billion.

Santos has a proven record of early identification of crypto stars — investing in ETH, IOTA, BTC and advising on Tron Foundation. He has also been appointed as TGE advisor to companies that span industries from e-commerce, logistics, charity aggregators to entertainment businesses. Some of these are: eMusic (world’s first blockchain-based music platform), Robot Cache, Elysian and TaTaTu.

On eMusic, Santos speaks of its potential, “Competition is increasingly limited to a few retailers and support is reserved for the largest commercial artists. This limits consumer choice. eMusic wants to reward the consumer, the artist and the service providers. eMusic wants to democratize the whole industry.” Hailing from a music-filled background of Latin music and later, growing up in Essex with the formative influence of bands such as EDM group The Prodigy, has led Santos to passionately back eMusic. “I love music, and I also appreciate the challenges independent musicians face.”

Moving forward, a highlight in August 2018 was Santos’ appointment as TGE Advisor to a leading Bollywood streaming project. The unique blockchain entertainment ecosystem with a dual token solution for investors and users provides access to 25% of the world’s population .

He is already working as co-creator of the NOR token, the next innovative clean energy TGE from NV Group, Norway. Santos’ broader focus in the crypto-world is to continue to develop the token economy and ecosystem in the region by providing token economics consultancy and management through its entire life-cycle.

“I believe that in 2019 and beyond, we will see most projects raising funds via regulated platforms and private placements assisted by broker dealers. In both cases, a savvy, experienced advisor plays a key part in guiding each TGE to reality, and help CEOs leading their TGE campaigns to navigate the highly volatile crypto market successfully.”

Daniel Santos’ sound financial experience is honed from over 15 years’ experience in respected financial institutions such as Citigroup (London), Renaissance Capital (Moscow) and Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) where he worked as part of the senior management team heading up Global Retail Technology. Token Advisors, under Santos, has advised clients across Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.

“Really happy to have Daniel on board at Elysian! Very professional advisor who adds tons of value to our project. Highly recommended advisor!”
— Leo Ameri, CEO, Elysian

“Daniel is an outstanding professional and a great person. Doing crypto business with him is refreshing: business-savvy, insightful and a great connector.”
— Mario Alberto Casiraghi, Financial Strategy & Investor Relations, TaTaTu

A global citizen at heart, Santos is Brazilian by birth, re-settled in the UK in his youth, graduating later from Henley Business School (University of Reading), UK. He is currently based in the Asian financial hub of Singapore.

Santos is fluent in English and Portuguese, and champions aid to in-need seniors in Singapore through church ministries in China town. In his time off, Santos collects modern art and panama hats.

Connect at:

Telegram: @Danilka7

Twitter: @danilkasanto

Wechat: danilkasantos



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