Nobody’s bumpkin: Unmasking Mississippi Delta chanteuse Bobbie Gentry
Jeremy Roberts

Fabulous Article by this gifted writer. Lets hope in 2017(the 50th anniversary of the release of Ode to Billie Joe) Bobbie Gentry is finally inducted into The Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame. She has already achieved the ultimate prize for songwriting :immortal songs that have stood the test of time. Just last year, Rolling Stone magazine, named both her iconic story songs, Ode to Billie Joe and Fancy, in their top 100 country songs of all time issue. The hit television show, Fargo, has used her songs in their recent story lines and Fancy is in the process to become a Broadway musical. Her studio albums are being re-issued all over the world with substantial sales in Europe and Japan. Clearly a vital renascence of her work continues to unfold.

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