Nobody’s bumpkin: Unmasking Mississippi Delta chanteuse Bobbie Gentry
Jeremy Roberts

I wanted to make a comment about the chart success of Fancy. Her single charted #31, pop, #26 country #8 adult contemporary and even nicked the lower rungs of the r&b singles chart. In Canada, it went #1 country and #26 pop. In the U.S, the controversial song about a prostitute, met strong resistance on conservative country radio and even pop stations. It was banded on literally hundreds of radio stations. Despite this, it sold extremely well, pulling in 75,000 a week in sales at it’s peak. It spent four solid months on the Billboard hot 100 pop singles chart. On the singles year anniversary of Nov, 1970, Capitol Records put an ad in the trade papers claiming it had passed the million sales mark. Bobbie received a pop female grammy nomination and her third straight A.C.M nomination for top country female on the strength of this hit.

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