The new frontiers of DevOps and trends to follow in 2020

Ten years and more passed since Patrick Debois coined the term DevOps, in 2009. In the IT world, nothing is definitive. All the technologies and techniques continue to evolve following an innovation trend that we cannot stop.

We cannot merely say: “I’m tired of changing; please give me a rest.” The only option is to be ready for the change.

In DevOps, there is a significant change because of the rise of the cloud and the market, always more demanding.

The DevOps philosophy was adopted by most companies and bring essential improvements to quality and cost-saving. …

Learn why DevOps is not enough

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Sorry for writing this clickbait title. I hate to use these tricks, but I needed to get your attention. In the IT trend, DevOps is the buzz word, nowadays. It happened some years ago with front end, when SPA (Single Page Application) became rampant.

I think it is usual in technology adoption. There is a moment when a new technology is breaking, adopted by enlightened people, becomes accessible to all, and spreads.

That happened to DevOps during the last few years. In the next few years, you will hear the new buzz word: NoOps.

What Is the Difference Between DevOps and NoOps?

DevOps is the fusion of development and operations and is the practice of development and operations engineers collaborating together to define processes that drive the service lifecycle, from the design to the delivery. …

WSL bring a significant performance improvement on docker, but there is something to know before turning on

Docker was claimed as the leading solution for setting up a local development environment. Thanks to the simplicity of docker-compose files, you can have an isolated environment per project, that reflect the same configuration of the production environment.

Moreover, this solution makes the development independent by the operative system you have. In poo word, even if your container will be a Linux image, you can develop by using Windows or Mac.

Anyway, in some setup the performance may decrease, compromising the productivity.

Form last Docker update, Docker engineers added the possibility to use WSL2 technology for boosting performances, giving same development experience on all platform, windows included. …


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