“You’re just like an airplane movie; I enjoy it, it entertains me for two hours while I have nothing else to do, and then I forget I ever spent any time on it. Sorry. That was rude. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“I clearly misunderstood your intentions, because I was under the impression that you actually gave a shit.”

“You say it like that should hurt me, but you understand that your expectations aren’t going to keep me down, right? Or keep me here? Or keep me? Fucking think for yourself, Daniel. You can do better than this.”

“I really enjoy your company and I —”

“Do you really think this is about enjoyment? I enjoy your company too. So what? Stop making this more than it is. Enjoyment and long-term commitment are different.”

“You felt like home. On Christmas Eve, when you told me to come over, it just… it felt like home. For a minute. A minute is pretty good, right?”

“That’s… nice. That’s very nice. I really appreciate that. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to stay together — hell, that doesn’t mean we were ever together.”

“Shouldn’t that count for something?”

“It does. Just not what you think it does.”

“And we’re not going to talk more about this?”

“We can only go in circles for so long until I get dizzy. Just go, okay?”

“Circles. Right. I’m going to remember that.”

“And Christmas Eve.”

“Oh, just get fucked.”

Originally written as a part of 4x6, an essay project. While that project evolved into something new, I’m releasing a number of the essays on Medium.


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