Let’s Hug and Talk For a Minute

XOXO is in Portland this week. I’m attending. Are you attending? Great. I want to hug you. This hug is going to be so good.

There’s a catch — always a catch, right? If we hug, I’m going to ask to take your portrait. First, bona fide proof that I take portraits moderately well.

See? We won’t mess this up. Besides, I’m sure you need a new profile picture. After I photograph you, I’m going to talk with you for a minute and ask you a question. A question that I’ve been struggling with for the past few months and I want to hear what you think.

Once XOXO is over, I’ll compile all the portraits and responses into an album of sorts and share it. Maybe make a zine? Who knows. What I do know is it will be lovely. Promise.

So that’s the catch. Ready to hug? Wonderful. Find me. I’ll look like this.

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