More Space at Catskills Conf 2015

At the first annual Catskills Conf, we photographed, and interviewed 42 attendees, asking them one question: “What would you do with more space in your life?”

Set in upstate New York, just outside of Kingston, Catskills Conf brought together ~120 attendees, speakers, and volunteers to spend the weekend in the woods. The talks were focused and the workshops included things like blacksmithing. We slept in bunkbeds, drank cider we made ourselves, and ate a farm-to-table meal.

We spent time talking about technology, intention, and how we can make a real difference instead of just focusing on what makes us feel better. Catskills Conf ended up being an intimate special weekend and I’m grateful that Monograph was there to document it.

Slack stepped in at the last minute and made it possible for us to attend and create the project. Which was amazing, because we couldn’t make Monograph without Slack in the first place.

“I’d take more quiet time. More time for processing and reflection so I can put more intentionality into what I’m doing. Part of what makes it so hard is having too many obligations. But when you’re quiet, you have to deal with yourself, which can be great or scary. It makes you take responsibility for your life and your actions.” — Kate Hartman

The underlying theme in the answers for this series is interesting to me since it’s something I struggle with myself. The idea of more time and space is great, and we all have ideas what we’d fill it with. But in reality, we have enough time and space to do exactly what we want to do.

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