Why am I building Noombers?

Noombers was my untold passion for almost 7 years. Since I was in the second year of University I’ve had this idea in my mind. I shared it with my mom and dad, with some friends but it got nowhere. The vision of this idea seemed so big that it was more likely to be a dream than a real plan.

That was 2005, the time when the social networks were booming. MySpace and Facebook among others where growing and more importantly were bringing people together with the help of technology. Software was improving significantly the way companies and individuals were working. Information systems were a huge help for every industry. In the meantime, all I could think of was, this is perfect for sports. It has so much potential. Imagine how much help something like Facebook, but sport oriented, can bring to the sport community. Every tournament could be stored and properly organized with the help of technology. Once each score is added, the stats could be automatically accessible for anyone with an internet connection. Imagine that place where every person who has played sports could collect their stats and achievements. I was imagining my 12 years of youth baseball career summarized and displayed there, including all the trophies and medals I won, the stats of my teammates and my team. So many happy memories coming together in one place. I was imagining so many possibilities on the application of technology to sports. It felt so obvious for me that I was certain that some company was going to come out and do it sooner than later. Well, the truth is that 7 years passed and nothing happened.

During those 7 years of “I don’t have enough time for it”, “I don’t have enough experience”, “Some big company will steal my idea once I publish it”; this idea was growing and evolving in my head until I finally decided to do it. I figured that if I didn’t at least try, I wouldn’t be in peace. Since then, I’ve been immersed in this adventure of entrepreneurship. Learning and improving every day and working really hard to see this dream come true. Noombers has begun!