Relest: The next generation of Rental Auction Platform With P2P Features

Relest is an auction rental platform of real estate. The landlords post their rented list and the tenant bargains their place to rent this property. In addition to placing many auctions, there is the possibility of installing regular ads there. The platform consists of websites and apps for Android and iOS. The system includes the function of calculating the travel time from the real estate lease to the location the tenant wants (eg the workplace), calculating the optimal real estate prices (based on data analysis), 3D image rooms, user accounts For exchange of receipts for services and chats between owners and tenants, and other functions. User accounts and chats are provided with a subscription. User accounts and chats are provided with a subscription. this is an intermediary platform in property marketing. Property owners can install their own property on this platform, and consumers can rent it.


This platform offers the opportunity to pay rent with its own crypt — REST that can be converted into banknotes on your card and vice versa in user accounts. The user can add his bank card to perform the operation with fiat; The exchange process will be supported by integration with crypto exchange. The advantage of this platform is that payments with REST without commissions are differentiated from bank transfers. P2P PAYMENT, Payments with Real Estate Token — REST at no cost whatsoever, which can be converted into banknotes on bank cards and vice versa in user accounts.

The Relest platform has several advantages over other systems:

Personal cabinet with useful functions (data exchange, 3D visualization of rooms, calculation of the distance from rental housing to the necessary geolocation, for example, work, a review of the rental market and the calculation of the optimal price). 
Auction between landlords and tenants, realtors . 
Payments P2P . 
Subscription . 
Applications for Android and iOS .

How it works?
The landlord fills in the advertisement, where he sets the initial rate and the period of the auction. When a landlord’s announcement appears on the Relest platform, tenants who are looking for housing for rent place their bets, while the rates of other tenants are hidden. After the end of the auction, the group of tenants who put the highest rates, opens the contact information of the lessor. In this case, each landlord can in his office make a setting so that his contacts are visible to all participants of the auction. In case of any violations on the part of the lessor, after several complaints, his account will simply be blocked. This is necessary in order to secure the participants of the auction from dishonest landlords.

Realtors can also submit their ads and bid on a commission. In this case, the auction will involve landlords.

For the convenience of the participants, the Relest platform consists of a site, applications for Android and iOS. If necessary, the platform can use the functions of calculating the travel time from housing to the necessary geolocation, calculating the price of housing, exchanging receipts between the landlord and the tenant through the private office, 3D visualization of the apartment rooms.

What Makes Relays Different From Other Companies Are:

1. This System Is Beneficial To Both Landlords, Tenants, And Realtors

This system is beneficial to both landlords, tenants, and realtors: 
• Landlords can benefit from a higher price at auction. 
• Tenants can bid higher prices for real estate they like, thus increasing their chances of renting it. 
• Realtors can earn larger commissions for their services

2. Can Discuss With User Account

User accounts to exchange receipts for services and chats between owners and tenants . Obviously this will give us the ease to get information about the rental properties we want and get advice from other members of the property rental.

3. Useful Features

Useful features have been provided such as 3D room images, trip time calculations, optimal rental rates calculations (based on data analysis) . With this we can choose the best property we will want.

4. P2p Payment

Payments with RealStartate Token — REST at no cost, which can be converted into banknotes on bank cards and vice versa in user accounts. This really gives us the convenience and ease in making rental property.

5. Subscription (optional service )

With our subscription then we will get the Services given based on the considerations and facilities of the company.

6. Web / IOS / Android

This property rental system gives us the ease that we can access everything that is needed for rental on the web Platform, iOS and Android app .


The initial public offering token is in the plan. You can support the project and thus enable development and in turn get tokens, and so engage in revolution. Sales start 18.9. In total, 70% of the total circulation will be sold. The price varies from 1.5 REST to 1 REST for 0.001 ETH at a later stage of sales. So before you join it you are expecting a bigger bonus! In ICO you can take part in the following link:

Bounty Campaigns 
You can also participate through so-called bounty programs. That means you can support a project through social networks, help founders in various translations, write blogs, engage in signature campaigns, etc. For more information, see:

Bitcointalk is where to find out the best information and people about the project, but you can ask questions and people who work on the project are happy to answer or assist if needed. Thread with project announcement:

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