I have a question?

Who sets the standards for perfection?

Who defines what’s beautiful and what’s not?

Sometimes I am scared,so scared of not attaining the standard for which the world defines success.

So Scared that I might not just be what people think of me.

This is my first article here on the medium and I am so scared of the fact that my write up might not be just it.

It’s just so scary!!!!

But right now I am done being scared and I have decided not let the world’s definition of perfection,scare me from taking a step.

For if no man is perfect, how then can an imperfect man define the standard for perfection.

I am done living with the standard of men…

I am the best,I am the best writer in the world,and I don’t need your consent to make me, me!!!

I am the definition of perfection, for every man is unique,hence your standard is unique.

I will keep growing, keeping learning and keep improving myself.

Step out, Breathe and give yourself a chance to live at least once.

Your clap is would be really cool.