circadian lamps, mood-enhancing cars, mindfulness games, VR for pain, and cab therapy

That’s what I learned today thanks to Victoria Loomes.

  • Lights that maintain natural sleep-awake cycles (Circadian Lamps. More on the GE white paper “Lighting and Sleep”).
  • Mood-enhancing car. This car changes color based on the driver’s mood.
  • Sway is a meditation app that makes sure you relax. It uses a “generative soundscape” built out of ambient and calming sounds. Similarly, visuals are constantly, gently changing colors and shapes, with the aim of settling the user.
  • Champions of the Shengha: Play with your emotions. A fantasy card battling game with a difference: defeat opponents with swords, spells, creatures… and mindfulness.
  • Swedish pharmacy launches VR app for pain relief.
  • Finally, looking for free therapy sessions? Pop into Marks and Spencer in London or in a taxi in Stockholm!
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