Donald Trump vs Planet Earth
Nafeez Ahmed

We Are All Ready Baked in to a 7C. Temp. Rise, even if we stopped emitting Carbon and Methane Right Now !

Heating Up, and Burning Up, with Record Heat and Rain Year after Year

“There is no carbon budget any more and 7C is baked in according to both “ Kevin Hester, an Guy McPherson

With Record Breaking Wind, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earth Quakes, Rain, Snow and Heat !.

That are HIGHER, Than Normal ! We are going to go Off the Charts !

There is No Atmospheric Budget For More Carbon, Methane, or Nuclear !

We must Stop Trump, Koch bros, Warren Buffets, Bill Gates, and their Fossil Fuel allies from FUKUSHIMIATIZING Us !

Greenland is Melting and Calving Now, Jonas just went over Greenland at above Freezing Temps, for the first Time in the Dead of Winter 2016

“And for the Winter of 2016 it’s possible that the Arctic may never experience typical conditions.

For, according to NOAA, the first half of February saw this record, Spring-like, warmth extend on through today.

It’s as if these coldest zones in the Northern Hemisphere haven’t yet experienced Winter

— as if the freak storm that drove Arctic temperatures to record levels during late December has, ever since, jammed the thermometer into typical April levels and left it stuck there. “ Robert Scribbler

Greenland has 20 Feet of Sea Level Rise !

Now is the Time for Feed in Tariff Clean Kilowatts, Home Owners and Commercial Business owners selling Renewable Energy, Wind and Solar to the Utility !

Dump Net Metering (Second Utility) Third Party Leasing.

Protect Our Communities with Solar Policies that keep the Money in the Wallets and Purses of Head of House Holds.

In Order to Ready Themselves for coming, Record Breaking Rain, Wind, Snow and Temps.

Food Shortages, Heat,, Floods, Fire, Quakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes. and Sea Level Rising 220 Feet !

With Ca. Residential and Commercial Feed in Tariff

Help Protect Hard Working, Tax Paying, Voting, Citizens from our Koch Bros, Warren Buffet, Warren Gates, Fossil Fueled Energy and Water Policies !

Allow Home Owners to sell Their Renewable Energy to the Utility, aka Feed in Tariff.

16 cents per kilowatt hour, 5to the grid for usage, 11 cents Home Owner !

We Need To Decommission are Nuclear Reactors Now !

And Relocate to above 3,000 Feet !

Each 1C. Temp Rise, Atmospheric Moisture increases 7%

We have increased Temp 1.7C. and Climbing

1850 ppm Carbon 270

1980 ppm carbon 350

2015 ppm of Carbon 405 and Rising

2016 ppm carbon 412 and rising !

What will the ppm of Carbon be when Greenland All Melts ?

Diablo Nuclear, San Onofre Fuel Rods, and All Nuclear needs to be relocated to 3000 feet above Sea Level

Over 3 Million Years of Waxing and Waning From the Poles, with the Arctic Keeping North America Cool, Now it is Greenland Because of Fossil Fuels !

Massive Sea Life Die Off on Pacific and Atlantic Coast !

Pacific and Atlantic Oceans 4–18 degrees warmer than Normal

Antarctica has 200 feet of Sea Level Rise

Arctic Region Warming Twice as fast as the rest of the planet !

Over 440 Nuclear Reactors at Sea Level Now !

From Kevin Hester comes this message: Professor Guy McPherson will be touring New Zealand in November 2016 talking about Runaway Abrupt Climate Change. Regular updates are provided at Kevin Hester.Live and Facebook events will be created as the date draws near.

Sign and Share for a Ca. Residential Feed in Tariff. Go to the youtube site, look six inches below video, click on Show More, then click on blue link to sign the petition.

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