Your Friendly neighborhood Computer man: Top 3 Ways to be AODA Friendly & More

The beautiful thing about technology is that it is always evolving. We are constantly looking for new ways to make technology accessible to those who cannot access technology and the internet like we do. The AODA stands for the Accessibility For Ontarians with Disabilities Act which is composed of a set standard of rules that allow internet browsing and content created easier to access for people with disabilities. Let’s look at a quick and sure fire ways to ensure product designers and content creators are creating content that up to par for the AODA.

Image Courtesy of: The Avengers: Civil War

1. Visibility?

In order to make steps towards bridging the technological gap making sure our websites are responsive is key. Keyboard navigation is the first feature we can implement to make technology accessible to all. Keyboard shortcuts ensure that websites can be navigated by the visually impaired. For those who cannot see. It can be difficult to get around a computer making the use of computers and the web extremely difficult. The addition of shortcuts and hot keys make the visually impaired able to use many some of the many features of technology available at the touch of a button

2. Hands free? No problem For me

Making websites and content available to everybody is still a major Key when we’re trying to make our content more accessible. With the introduction of screen readers like NVDA, sterotek system access and Apple VoiceOver the visually impaired can read full page websites and navigate them with ease. This invention is a miraculous way to bridge the technology gap, but it requires works if we on the developer end make sure our content is accessible, things like correct metadata and correct media tags

3. Closed Caption Brought to you by…

Sometimes we hear things like “closed caption brought to you by bell media” or something of the sort, but we fail to realize its importance. For someone who struggles with impaired hearing closed captions are a life saver. These captions allow one to understand what is going on in your favorite TV shoes and videos. As content curators and web developers it is important to make sure that all videos appearing on your site have the benefit of closed captions. This means that someone can come to your site or view your video and understand its contents even if they are unable to hear.

Image courtesy of: Daniel Gwira

My Trusty WC3 Guide

Before publishing your website, go through these 3 Quick Tips to make sure that your website is WC3 Friendly

  1. All my images have correct meta data
  2. My website is responsive
  3. I use depth of field to separate foreground from background
  4. My website does not contain distracting background music
  5. My website does not contain flashy bright repetitive content
  6. My website can be navigated via keyboard
  7. My website has accurate headings and labels
  8. My website has a site map where I can access everything from
  9. If there is an error in a field, this item is identified so it can be fixed
  10. My website is Screen Reader Friendly
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