Hi Daniel, thanks so much for your post!
Diana Salacka

I do! I’m certain that effectively transmitting a perception and a “reality tunnel” based around the product, rather than the product in itself. Therefore Post-Architecture’s tools and methodologies can be paramount in delivering a tranformational experience to clients — one that really brings them into the cult of the brand or of the product. Experiences that sells both the tangible and the invisible traits of the project — such as its meaning, how it fits into a narrative, how good is that narrative, how it can influence the subtle unconscious impressions of the person, etc. On www.fraga.space you can read my Manifesto for Post-Architecture where some methodologies are explained some more detail.

vCommerce is bound to be a field in which Post-Architecture will expand and put into practice its methodologies, because it is literally about designing people’s subjectivities through their experience in space. And the importance of the non-visible agents in space is without a doubt great. With these tools, they can be harnessed for whatever aim we desire — configuring a very powerful persuasion and design tool. Through it, and by Augmenting Realities, we can even aspire to “Design Realities”. A powerful idea.