About living a plenty life dodging “things”

In my continuous searching for peace in life and happiness I realized one important thing: dodge things.

Dodge is not avoid, is more than that. Dodge is about foretell a situation that is coming to you. When you are in the middle of your personal growth it is very common to magnetize people, jobs, places, girl/boyfriends and communities.

Why this things are coming to your life?

Because our energy, look and feel, perception of the world, etc, drains out this things.

How many times do you experience situations like:

1 — Bad Guys glue into your life and take all your energy?
2 — Traveling somewhere do not change anything, but you can avoid travel somewhere because is nice!
3 — At work the nerdest/boring person it is always looking for you, to have lunch together, to help you, or just looking for easy friendship.
4 — You are smart and you get a junior position somewhere, and worse, your boss has a lot of challenges but he is useless or too burocratic (mean that they always has excuses for any stupid thing to be done)
5 — You discover an amazing community to join, but after a few weeks, you realize that it is not your place, you naturally do not belong there, but due everyone belong somewhere you force yourself to it. And the worse part is that it is not easy to take you out of there asap.

This kind of things and many others are done by the universe, the universe you created. Something not very simple to detect in your personality and living-way keeps you in this infinit loop.

How I can dodge this things?

First of all, being conscious, them, while getting a little bit anxiety or panic attack, dodge and left soon.

The dodge thing is about to keep your integrity. For instance I often get gays attention (FYI I do not have any issue around LGBT) but when I meet a new guy, he will probable be gay or bisexual. This is because I have something in my life thinking, mood, body signal that I am not aware but attracts gays, not only men, also women. So when I want to make a new boy-friend, and I realized that the one I am talking with has other intentions, I dodge and leave, not the place, the situation.

The same happends when the nerdest guy in the office try to barf on you about what people are saying of him, you MUST leave! because of your integrity.

That does not mean that you have to leave the place, just dodge the situation, consciously, so you will be able to control your anxiety more and more with the pass of the dodging thing.

The other thing, it is the boring jobs. How many of you had the same experience? Why I am not doing that shitty tasks I love to do? Why my responsability is to keep the duck drinking all day?

This is also about your integrity, dodge that thing, ask for other task or quit, just like that. It is very common that a random company offers you opportunities to grow, but is the default shit they sell always. Keep yourself UP, do not feel like you are useless, they are. Sometimes this situation warns you that it is time to a big change in your career path, but sometimes its about of ineptness of the employees and bosses.

There is a famous quote from the central america band Calle 13 I love and it is like this:

If you want rightful changes, walk different