Good read.
Georg Kitz

Hey George, glad you enjoyed it!

The reason why I dont like targets is because they add unecessary bloat and are difficult to maintain. For instance; Every time we create a new file we need to ensure its linked against all the targets. Which target do our unit tests link against? If we change a build setting for any target we need to make sure we do this for every other target we have defined. If we use Cocoapods (which I do) we have a fairly complex podfile that needs to link pods against all our targets.

Ultimately the benefit derived from multiple targets pales next to simply adding configurations that can be used in all our targets rather nicely. We dont need to do any extra work or maintenance in the long run. I think multiple targets start to make sense when you actually want to bind different resources and classes but for the simple act of changing endpoints, seems overkill:)

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