He fights for us

exo.14.14.nlt The lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

This is a crazy moment in my life where Roy Jones Jr ministered to me. I was going through a rough patch in life with my finances. I was just getting stable with my new position at my job. My raises were finally complete. My overtime was kicking in. I was looking good. Pressure was coming off my back about money.

All of a sudden the dam burst without warning. I got home from work. As I walked in the door I grabbed the mail. I got a letter from Domestic Relations. The letter read that my payments were going up 40% a month. My jaw hit the ground. But I said to myself that it will work out. This was heavy on my mind. One thing I was sure about was, I can’t it get the best of me.

The very next day I came home from work and there was a letter from the IRS. First thing that came across my mind as I opened it was, they messed up and this was a check. As I pulled the the letter out, started to read, it said I owed them $3000. A feeling rushed from my head to my toes. It was a draining, I felt depleted. I didn’t know what I did wrong. I felt like I could never get a break. Since my 20’s, I was always playing catch up with everything in my life. I thought this was going to be my season of no pressure when it came to my finances.

I went out to the backyard and sat on a lawn chair for about an hour and half till my wife got home. I was scared to tell her. She had to deal with what I told her about my child support then this. When I told her, she comforted me saying we will get through this. But in my heart I didn’t know how.

The whole weekend I couldn’t go an hour without thinking about it. Monday morning as I was on my way to work, I started to pray. As I was talking to Lord about why did this happen, what is going to happen, how am I going to do this, I let my emotions come out. I got really frustrated. I was sitting on the bus, just staring at my reflection on the bus window. My mind started to have flashbacks. I started thinking about all the times where I was up against the wall. I remembered times where I thought how am I going to make this happen. The days where my feelings were so low that an ant could’ve stepped over them. Moments when I felt so alone.

I had all these things go through my mind for about twenty minutes. As my stop was approaching, I had to get my things ready to get off. Just as I was going to stand up to get off. All of the thoughts stopped. Just as soon as they stopped, the very next thing that comes across my mind, YOU MUST’VE FORGOT!

My eyes filled up with tears fast. I payed, and got off the bus. I looked up to the sky and said I’m sorry Lord. I had a guilt of over looking what the lord can do for me. As I walked to work, I kept repeating, you must’ve forgot, over and over. All of a sudden I remembered the Roy Jones song from the 90’s. So I put the song on YouTube. In the song Roy raps about the beginning of his career. He brings up how they denied him the gold medal in the Olympics. Then talks about how he beat different champs, different ways. Even brings up a time that he beat someone while having a broken wrist. Then disqualified him for a late hit and then five months later came back won the belt.

I listened to the song again. After I finished the second time, I put my past situations together with the song. How many times in my life have I come across problems thinking, I’m not gonna make it. How many times have I thought to myself, I’m in over my head. How many times have I put my all into something and I didn’t get my gold medal. How many times have I thought I did the right things to end up losing out. How many times do we do this to ourselves? When the current problem supercedes all of our past struggles. We forget what we been through.

This is why I picked this verse to go with this story. This verse, The lord will fight for you, stay calm, came at a point when the people of Israel were stuck. They had the enemy behind them and a big body of water in front of them. They had to trust the Lord to move forward. This moment is in the known top 5 stories of the old testament. God proves to us with the story that He will fight for us. It’s one that is always referenced for looking back to when we have no way to get ahead. One where when the odds look heavily against you, but some how you beat them. Not only beat them but destroyed your enemy. But it’s not for the moment that you’re in now, God wants you to look back and tell yourself, He saved me before so He can do it again.

The thing about God though is, He needs you to step up. He doesn’t need you to cower. He doesn’t need you to quit. He doesn’t need you to question His opponent that He has for you. Not every situation is going to be a fight for a championship. Although it might feel, after the fight you put up, you deserve better. Just remember that, it is better to be a mediocre fighter than a quitter.