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Not sure why you should put Libertarian Party politics on trial like this. Your context needs work. Government is famous for having the highest overhead in any sector, a trend which, despite people’s earnest desire to believe their elected officials are working hard and being honest, continues to degrade. The only realistic approach to finding workable, long-term solutions to problems is to privatize everything. Needless to say, this sounds scary and, just as those who benefit financially from ripping us off with the Federal Reserve would have you believe, it’s hard to imagine how privatizing would work. However, with a sense of civic duty and accurate information from media sources, informed citizens ARE capable of handling their day-to-day lives and being represented by experts to make sure we continue to have decent food, clean water, roads, bridges, etc. Government IS the enemy, and maybe you could have utilized some more space in this article to spread the word that we the people can and should govern themselves and not fear having the government ‘NOT DO’ what you are saying Gary Johnson wants to abolish. Privatization and removal are very different. Thank you for your interest in my opinion.

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