Appreciate the Struggle

A short story about the lessons of struggling

There was once a boy who saw a butterfly struggling in a cocoon.

He felt sad that the butterfly was trapped and couldn’t escape so he found a stick on the ground and started poking at the cocoon. He finally managed to make a hole large enough for the ‘trapped’ butterfly to escape.

To the boys delight the butterfly finally flew out.
The boy watched the butterfly flying freely and felt proud of his ‘heroism’.

Suddenly the butterfly started to spiral downward. It hit the ground. It’s wings flapped a few more times desperately trying to take flight but to no avail. Then it lay still with no fight left in it.
The boy watched in horror.

He ran home crying.

His grandfather embraced him and asked what happened.
The boy explained the traumatic event.

His grandfather wiped his tears and looked him in the eyes and wisely said “My dear grandson. The butterfly needed to struggle in the cocoon in order for it’s wings to develop and build the strength to fly. Sometimes we need to let people struggle. It’s the only way they will learn to grow and develop the skills to become the best version of themselves.

There is nothing wrong with struggling.

Everything in creation experiences resistance in order to grow.

Muscle growth comes from endurance. Lifting a weight that doesn’t create resistance won’t produce bigger muscles.
Working through struggles in a relationship makes the relationship stronger. 
Pushing yourself past your comfort zone is the only way to achieve real growth.

Temporary pain can often bring the best out of us.

Appreciate the struggle.

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