Joyce Mitchell helps two murderers escape. Would you like to know the psychological background of this incident?

Albany trains its staff to not see the prisoners as humans. They are even forbidden to know what brought to inmates to jail, although in the Internet age that is a joke. But the reasoning behind the ban is to reinforce the warning against trusting convicts, since they are all capable of anything. Never release personal information. I had a fresh cop refuse to tell me the difference between Myspace and Facebook…. Anywa6, something broke the ice and she got to know these men as human beings. Since Albany had proven to be very capable of lying, she stopped trusting it. What else had she been miseld about?

My guess is that they convinced her they were innocent. Michell doesn’t deserve the rage she has been getting… in fact, why does anyone care so much that these men are apprehended? A ghetto youth dies every day… I doubt these guys are killing anyone ever again…. I’ll be on Deadline ID on Thursday at 9 PM, to give a proper account of Clinton. But the picture below is of Eastern CF…..

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