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Overcome your fear and cowardice to live a braver, more fulfilling life.


Fear can paralyze us within our archetypal caves of ignorance, comfort, and safety, enabling our existing paradigms to stay firmly in place. Fear also can lead us to live stagnant, mediocre lives, riddled with missed opportunities, toxic insecurities, failed relationships, and an ever-mounting resentment towards the world. But hey, what does it matter? To each their own, right?

Wrong. We share this world with each other, and a single resentful, nihilistic coward with a gun can affect the lives of millions. When fear propagates and perpetuates ignorance, hysteria, and violence — it becomes everyone’s problem.

Daniel Georgie

Self-improvement expert, amateur philosopher. Sharing what I’ve found to be true with the hope it will help you be a better you for the people in your life.

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