Learn How to Fight EGO

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Being stoic implies mastering the art of being humble.

It`s knowing that there is nothing less humble than seeking fame and reward for our work.

The Stoics work because it’s the right thing to do and the rewards are just extras. Others opinions don`t matter and we can`t control the fame. Both things increase our ego and that is nothing Stoic.

The ego makes us not act as we should.

The problem of fame and reward are very tempting. We all want to be famous. get out…

Read Marcus Aurelius, Tim Ferriss, Socrates, Victor Frankl, and others

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People always ask me: Daniel, what books of stoicism do you recommend?

The question is very simple to ask, but very complicated to answer.


  • I like to read and I always recommend reading many books
  • Read philosophy is hard

That is why I recommend books of stoicism is a real headache for me.

Still, I realized a list of 15 stoicism books divided into:

  • Classic books
  • Theoretical books
  • Practical books
  • non-stoic books but with a lot practicability

Classic Books

Confessions of a Teenager Who only Read

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I’m a book eater. I read everything possible. I read until I can`t anymore.

My friends have no idea how I do it. Sometimes I have no idea how I do it. But the truth is I have achieved it. I`ve read 150 books and I`m barely 20 years old.

I started reading when I was 16 years old. At that age, I discovered two people who changed my life.

One was Ryan Holiday and the other is Tim Ferriss. I always wondered how both managed to read between 2 and 3 books a week.

That was too much for…

Confessions of a Student Who Tried to Work as a Freelancer

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I`ve been trying for more than 6 months to work online and it has been a nightmare.

It has been a nightmare because as students we have everything against us.

I never thought that studying and working online would be so difficult.

I thought it was a matter of creating an attractive profile and waiting for job offers to come out.

I thought that I would organize my work schedule myself. I thought I would work when I wanted to.

How deluded am I?

I thought everything was going to be easy.

But it’s not like that.

How stoicism changed my life

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I’m Venezuelan, I’m part of the diaspora that my country is living. We are already almost 3 million Venezuelans abroad. And I’m not the exception.

I had to emigrate like many Venezuelans. I had to emigrate to look for a better future. I had to emigrate because my security in the country was in danger.

As many,

A year ago I believed in a change for the country.

Every morning I would get up and go out to demand my rights.

Rights that later brought me consequences

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In the past, when you discovered a new Instagram account, the first thing you noticed was the “biography’s description.”

People had to explain in a few words what is the purpose of this account. They had to explain what’s made different from others accounts.

A good biography’s description made the difference between a user who followed you or not.

If your description was bad, the rest of the things were not going to matter.

With the passage of time, when Instagram began to develop their “stories”, everything changed.

Meet Victor Frankl

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Since childhood I have always feel interested in people who overcome adversity. The people who despite the circumstances, manage to get ahead.

Since I was little, I read those kinds of books.

I read Napoleon: “the story of a man who was born on a small island in France and became the most powerful man in Europe.”

I read Mandela: “30 years in prison, he fought against apartheid and was the first black president of South Africa.”

I read Malcolm x: “Pretty controversial leader whose childhood was full of crimes, violence and spend a lifetime in prison, and even so…

Instagram Stories are the Future

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Instagram Stories was born in mid 2016. It currently has more than 300 million active users. That’s more than the number of users SnapChat has. That makes instagram stories the fastest-growing feature in history.

People don’t know how to use stories in the right way

  • It’s hard to share quality content in this format
  • They don’t manage to engage with the audience
  • Generate poor visibility

In spite of everything, we must understand that designing…

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Do Follow Back is quite controversial in all social networks.

If you investigate you’ll get several people who approve, and or disapprove it

It’s a subject of much controversy on the internet.

And in fact, the problem isn’t in doing follow back. The problem is that people don’t know how to do follow back. And that’s why the platforms block their accounts.

In the end, the problem isn’t whether to do follow back or not, the…

Know the Secrets to Learn Any Skill in a Short Time

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Every entrepreneur wants to learn many things. And we always want to learn from one day to the next.

But in the end, after 3 hours we get frustrated and stop learning.

In the end, we don’t end up learning anything. We ended up complaining and looking on the internet how to learn things fast.

We have a need to satisfy our thirst to want to learn things.

and we read and read but in the end, we don’t…

Daniel González

I left COLLEGE because I had no MONEY. Now I'm a BARTENDER and I write about how an ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE BAR would be.

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