Using paper prototypes and laser-cut phone models to create a fun, collaborative and immersive learning experience

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The MozFest workshop — with me (Daniel Gost) inset

About me

My name’s Daniel Gost. I’m a Product Design Leader, and I’m passionate about helping teams empathise with people’s emotions, desires and needs — to create products they love.

I currently work at Skyscanner, improving their mobile experiences. Outside work I have fun teaching design thinking to children through Design Club — at venues such as the London Science Museum and Kingston University.

The event

Back in July, I got in touch with Design Club about creating a bespoke workshop for the Mozilla Festival (aka MozFest). Their three-day weekend event brings people together with the goal of creating a better, healthier and open Internet. …

Skills you need to succeed as a Designer

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The dream of any Designer is to design projects that they like; have a good reputation; and hopefully make lots of money.

The dream of any company is to find professionals that follow the brief and deliver without causing too much drama.

The question is: how do you marry these almost opposite desires?

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I have been in the design world for over 10 years now. During this time, I have worked in many projects and industries, from local business branding to global digital products. …


Daniel Gost

Product Designer working in leading tech companies, creating products used by 100M+ people

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