Our everyday actions are ruled and governed by an ever mutating and growing list of dos and don’ts. They have been set in place and enforced to some extend in order to maintain justice. But justice, as a human concept is not an absolute, whereas nature dictates it differently. Natural balance does not forcefully protect the weaker or less privileged groups; it does not favor the plants over the predatory mammals.

​​Nature makes sure that whatever wafts over the face of our world, life will be preserved. It’s a well-crafted pendulum, that, no matter how hard it is swung, will in time seize swinging and center itself.

This is why we struggle with the concept of justice in our primitive minds. Modern man hasn’t graced the face of the earth for more than 200,000 years, a mere bleep in the sea of time the universe exists. Yet we have the audacity to claim knowledge of what is wrong and what is right and how we can rectify any wrongdoing.

How come though, that despite these claims none of us truly believe that justice has ever been achieved?

Don’t get me wrong, but I simply cannot count satiated envy or quenched vindictiveness for justice. The blind woman holding the scales is not force of nature in my book. She is the idol we have raised in order to justify the social atrocities we perform, without being tossed aside by nature’s pendulum.

How long do you think we will be able to stove off the natural balance?

How long till the perfected evolutionary machine will plow us over?