The Wheel of Fortune

When life gives you lemons, accept them with grace and dignity and turn them into a delicious chocolate cake. Top it off with some icing and serve it to your peers.

Although this might not be a feasible transmutational feat outside the allegorical sphere of existence, it is quite achievable in terms of handling extraordinary situations in our lives. We often have goals in our lives, even these are to have none at all. They are the “good to have” items in our mental checklists. Unfortunately, we often turn them into things we “must have” and consequently often never attain.


Life, karma, the powers to be or whatever we call the external factors nudging us towards a certain direction in our lives, do tend to give us the right directions. However, being stubborn as we are, we don’t want to understand that the path we need to follow is not the one we might have pictured with our mind’s eye.

Sometimes, the train you’ve missed might have caused you to be late for that meeting, but had it not been so you might have crossed that street light in a hurry and that driver who had just spilled coffee unto his pants might not have seen you in time.

I don’t tend to hand out blame to a single party for our predispositions. We are to blame that we expect everything to come our way and not to have to struggle or work towards our goals. However, fingers can also be pointed towards the way society has turned out these past generations.

War, famine and overwhelming hardship forced them to shield their offspring from the same fate that befell them. But their overprotectiveness borders on treating the common cold with radiation therapy.

It is irrelevant where you from, what your current situation is or what is coming your way. You need to toil when things don’t turn out the way you’d expected and you need to enjoy the fruits of your labor once they are ripe.

Or would you prefer being fed life through a tube?