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Digital content and digital services are constantly evolving. New blog posts, new social media campaigns, new websites, New features, updated apps, fresh layouts and
fresh content is constantly being added every next moment. While this has made it easier and possible for anyone to create their space and publish online, business owners know how difficult its becoming to be noticed in the massive cluster of websites, social media, digital content and digital services.
Till now, you have 2 options if you need a digital service or content.
1. Hiring an agency:
Hiring an agency is easy as there are some great agencies and fortune 500 companies available that provide high quality digital services, but most often their prices are way too high than your actual budget. They do have their own reasons to charge that much, but most of these are usually out of reach to an average small and medium entrepreneur., and even if they are, you would not like to pay 10 times more for something that you could otherwise get 10 times cheaper.

2. Freelancers!
Many businesses, — small and medium prefer to post the job on one of the many freelancers sites that exists and hire freelancers from there. While freelancer sites gives access to thousands of freelancers on one platform, its the number itself that’s problem. Imagine you’re given a pile of stones with a few diamonds hidden in it. Do you think you can find the diamonds easily in the pile of stones?
On freelancer sites, you have a bunch bidding for the job that you post but you do not know who is the right one for the task you need. Even if you contacted each one of them and discussed thoroughly, that still does not assure that the bunch that has placed bid is actually that “diamond” or meerly a stone.
If you have dealt with freelancer sites before, you surely might be aware about the frustration involved in this whole process of selection and getting the work done. Talk to employers and they would tell you their bitter experiences of receiving faulty solutions, freelancers running away with their hard earned money, baby-sitting them to get the work done and most importantly no after delivery support are some of the common issues that the employers have been reporting since long.

3. 99dollarcart
Thankfully now, you have an awesome website that’s addressing exactly this void.
As a business owner either small or medium, you always need 3 things:
1. High quality solution/service on quick turnaround
2. Low cost solution with refund guaranty
3. Before and after delivery technical support.

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