K-pop Is Neo-Confucian Pornography
Michael Hurt

Hi, Michael

First of all, thank you for your hard working, it’s really interesting story and keen understanding about K-Pop. Maybe I’m insider of the Korean culture, so it will be difficult to notice the influence of Neo-Confucianism. But to me recent K-Pop, especially sexual appealing young girl concept, is based on the mixture of Materialism and Capitalism not Neo-Confucianism. Although I have a superficial perspective, it is difficult to decide which is the intrinsic reason. Also when we define or use the term, Neo-Confucianism, we re-define or use Confucianism with the modernism and capitalism base.

Second, Comparing with Japan historically which isn’t Confucianism oriented country has also Lolita concept taste in their pop-culture. It isn’t difficult to find the Lolita image in Manga. Interestingly China has the similar sexuality like Korea and Japan.

In Short, (Some) K-Pop is pornography and Lolita concept, but it isn’t just affected by Neo-Confucianism. There are much more dynamics behind it, such as Male chauvinism, Pre-modernism, Male-dominated Pop culture production mechanism. Thank you for your long article,

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