BABY BOOMERS’ LOVE-BETRAYAL by Ben Leiter (pen name)

[76,000 words: wry, sardonic, romance-noir; available at Amazon/kindle.]

Seventy-six million Baby Boomers, retiring at the rate of ten thousand a day, want to know: “What happened to true love?”

MEET BILL PETERS, an aging Boomer grasping for romance on his search for the love grail.

He finally realizes how society’s siren song of carefree sex has betrayed his generation’s ideals.

Will Bill find what he is looking for?

This novel will make you laugh, cry and cringe at times. It holds up a mirror and forces you to remove your heart-shaped, rose-colored glasses and really see how Baby Boomers practice the art of romantic self-deception.

The book’s unreliable narrator, Bill Peters, says, “If the New York Times reviewed this book, and if they liked it, they would declare ‘A MUST READ FOR ALL BABY BOOMERS WHO HAVE BEEN IN LOVE, OUT OF LOVE, OR BETRAYED BY LOVE . . .you know?’”

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