“Let me get this straight…you want me to write a test, that fails on purpose, before I write a single line of code to make this test pass?”

The weekdays went smoothly enough.

Monday: Orientation and meeting the cohort.

Tuesday: Complete week’s challenge in a day, in true Daniel fashion. Switched from Linux back to Windows (lol). Writing test suites was an interesting concept.

Wednesday — Friday: Spent each day during the afternoon as navigator in the Driver/Navigator system, learning how to convey thought to varying proficiency.

Saturday: …here we go.

Finishing the pre-course in roughly two days did not prepare me for this week’s finale. Nor did completing the week’s challenge called “Boris Bikes” in a day. Nothing did.

However, what it did do was…

Week 1 8th June — 14th June

Week 1 was an absolute blur.

Pull up a chair, grab some coffee and let’s talk about it.

I started my journey, formally, on Wednesday June 10th 2020 at around noon. I had finally wrapped up the majority of outstanding items in leaving my place of employ. Now I could dedicate my time and efforts to the pre-course and embark on my software development journey without distraction.

While barrelling through the pre-course Week 1, at “Lesson 1: Development Setup” once I read “For OSX follow our guide” I went to the next learning…

Daniel Morris

IT Project Manager || https://github.com/dwram

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