Finding The Right Guitar Pick For You

Hey Guitar Players,

All picks shape the sound you will receive from your guitar differently. Also, how the pick feels in your hand while you play will drastically change. So finding JUST one pick is hard, especially if you play more than one style. I have used different picks on my journey and thought i’d drop some quick tips.

Of course, this is my personal opinion.

My Current Guitar Pick Set Up

  • Dunlop USA 1.5mm (Hard Pick) I use for my electric guitar playing. (Purple)
  • Jim Dunlop USA .73mm Nylon (Medium Pick) I use for my acoustic guitar playing. (Grey)

You can say I keep it simple in the pick department. For both picks, I use from simple chord progressions to soloing. Remember Guitar Players, there are no set rules for which pick is the best. And Yes, some picks make it easier for you to play certain styles and songs easier. But overall, it really comes down to what feels right for you.

Quick Tips

  • Thin picks are good for chord songs but make it harder to play solo’s or melody lines.
  • Medium picks can do both but their sturdiness may not be enough for certain situations.
  • Hard picks are great for lots of styles but suck for chordal playing.

Try This

  • Different Sizes
  • Different Textures
  • Different Thickness
  • Keep an open mind.

I am still finding new picks I enjoy using but these are my main two…for now. If you don’t like the pick you purchased, put it in a bag and keep it. You might come back to it in ten years and find out that it’s perfect for you. That’s exactly what happened to me with the purple pick.