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The blockchain industry is growing rapidly, yet the number of available blockchain developers is still relatively small. Out of the 18 million software developers in the world, only a few thousands are dedicated to blockchain development. Web developers may be easy to find, but many still are searching for how to hire a blockchain developer.

According to Stripe, 53% of businesses say that lack of software developers is a bigger business threat than lack of capital. The study also reveals some interesting statistics:

  1. If the software developer needs of all companies were fulfilled efficiently, we would see an increase of $3 trillion in global GDP. …

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Small businesses in the US are thriving. The total number reached over 30.2 million in 2018. While there is no shortage of advice for those looking to start a business, startup founders often are still in the dark when it comes to common legal issues. Here is a curated list of legal tips for startups to help you succeed in 2019.

“Lawyers are sometimes asked by those intending to start a business when to hire a lawyer. I like to compare the situation to when you should see a doctor. Many people dread the idea and want to put it off (particularly as they get older). …

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We often receive questions about blockchain technology. The most common question being “what does blockchain mean for businesses?” In this article we’ll look at some well-known businesses already using blockchain technology. Then we’ll explore exciting blockchain use cases for 8 different industries.

The Crypto-Crash

Due to the craze of cryptocurrency, blockchain’s potential was never addressed in mainstream media. Many people remain confused about the role of blockchain in business. While many were caught up in the the cryptocurrency hype, large corporations invested millions into this new field.

What companies use blockchain technology?

Bank of China, Ford Motor Company, and even Nestle have invested in blockchain and are using blockchain technology in some form. Here is our list of some of the biggest brands that are using blockchain for unique…

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Evaluating a mobile application against certain key performance metrics is a fruitful way to figure out an app’s performance. Understanding how well an application does in the market is the stepping stone to launching a better secondary app. Audience feedback is of top priority, and determining the metrics for mobile app can help in determining how well an app did in the market. You can track certain KPIs (Key performance indicators) for an accurate assessment, such as level of engagement and revenue generated by the mobile application. The following are top 20 KPIs to track:


One of the simplest metrics for mobile apps to track is the general metrics , such as the number of downloads. Downloads are the foundation of other KPI evaluation and serve as the starting point of the entire evaluation. …

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Matheus Ferrero

Rockstar developer. Ninja. 10x engineer. Hyperbolic names for a mythic individual — the superhuman who is worth 10 times the value of a normal engineer. But is this just a myth? Can any one person do the work of 10?

Who is a 10x engineer?

The term comes from a study conducted in 1968 by Sackman, Erikson, and Grant (1). Their data showed more than a 10-fold difference between the best and the worst programmer. While the label “10x” is figurative, the difference in performance can be anywhere from 5x to 25x.

A common misconception

It’s not the engineer’s coding ability or raw pace alone that accounts for the massive difference in performance. It’s the engineer’s ability to come up with superior solutions to complex problems that sets her or him apart. A 10x engineer is able to get higher quality results because they make better decisions than the average worker. …

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We interviewed Gillian Delaunay, founder and CEO of NEON to find out how she’s empowering ordinary internet users to get paid for their data.

“…data is being sold without our consent and it’s a billion dollar industry…other people are making money off our participation…we are trying to do something that changes that pathway…so people like you and me are making that money back.”

Listen to the complete interview here:

Each time you browse online, you freely give away valuable information. This data is sold to internet marketers who use it to target you with promotional ads. Shouldn’t there be a way for you and I to be compensated for our data? …

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credit: Fabian Blank

Time is a finite resource and we wamt to make the best use of it. Often this looks like taking shortcuts in order to get things done faster. At what cost do these shortcuts come? When does saving time start costing you money?

What is technical debt:

Technical debt is the result of the compromise you make in the quality of your work in order to save time and money upfront. Imagine you’re launching a new product but the development of your software is incomplete. You can’t afford to wait until it’s perfect…so what do you do? …

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Credit: rawpixel

Solution definition:

Before we dive into talking about solution architecture, let’s start by defining a solution. Quite simply, a solution is an answer to a problem. For a solution to have value, it must provide a measurable improvement to the situation at hand. A good solution will be the result of a collaborative effort, agreed upon by all decision makers involved.

What is a solution architecture?

In business, solution architecture is the translation of a project’s desired outcome into a solution document. The solution document identifies all the relevant technical components, roles, processes, and tasks that the project demands.

Each of these relevant domains (such as business, data, application, technology, integration, and security) must be addressed. This means identifying the unique demands and desired deliverables of each domain. …

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Credit: Pablo Garcia Saldana

Development Roadmap

A development roadmap defines the goals of your project and the tasks needed to complete it. It provides a complete high-level view of how to take your project from idea to reality. A roadmap defines where you want to go and how to get there.

Careful planning is crucial to the success of any project. With a clear understanding of a project's tasks and obstacles, you’re more prepared for success. A roadmap helps by identifying the following:

- Technical requirements
- Project tasks, budgets, and milestones
- Hiring requirements

Technical requirements (also known as the technical stack):

There are a million ways to skin a cat…but only a few best methods for building your product. Your particular project will likely have 1 or 2 best-suited tools for each component. These often include programming languages, frameworks, and integrations. All these tools used together constitute your tech stack. You’ll need a qualified expert to help select which ones to use for the best outcome. …


Daniel James

Editor @ SUPERTEAM, Inc

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