How many Lanes will be necessary on Future Streets?

Daniel Jenett
Apr 9 · 7 min read

The initial observation has quickly led to the conclusion that most of street life is hard to categorise and put into personas.

Anja Lüttmann

Main road users (today)*

1. Small-/medium-sized cars (34)**

  • **vehicle count based on traffic video analysed by DataFromSky
  • ***Such as Transporters, Trucks

Key Finding

As the traffic monitoring has shown, the focus on cars today is not justified by the numbers. Wide streets with high velocity driving prevents equal road users such as bicycle riders and venue shoppers from exploring the area safely. Today, the crossing has the character of a transit road.


My concept gives the street back to bicycle riders by the installed 2- Way bike lane in the middle of the street, while de-prioritising cars on a separate lane by speed limits, narrowed streets, street tables and traffic lights.


  • Central two-sided bike lane (for 2- wheeled vehicles)
  • Due to the 20 miles/h speed reduction, scooters and bicycle can share one lane


  • Street lanes for opposite car & bus traffic
  • P&R-Shuttles/Ride-sharing is offered to shoppers


• Speed reduction to max. 20 miles/h (narrowed lane width, signs & speed tables)


• Giant crosswalk (red) gives space & safety to pedestrians


Street corner with a sharper angle to make turning harder for cars and increases safety for bike riders and pedestrians

Before / After

The changes that are proposed are visualised with Before / After images.

Alicia Baeck: Change the Street

The right way of using the Street.

Before / After


Vrusti Kiri

  • The project is about designing a street with current problems and future mobility incorporation. How the future street will look like ?

Solution: Street Design

Before / After

Moustafa Elmeky: Re-Designing the Road

The street is located in a historical multi- cultural rich area and is heavily occupied by pedestrians between Kottbusser tor and the Kreuzberg Kanal.

Bensu Ece Tugyan — Tugan Can Tureli

Future Street Design Proposal for Kurfürstendamm:

Before / After

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