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22-25 Aug 2016
Accommodation: Yeah Hostel — 12 Euros/night

Things to note
1. Do take a day trip to climb Monsetir de Montserrat near Barcelona- worth it
2. You can get everywhere on foot, even from the clubs back to where you stay
3. Camp Nou will be expensive to go in, but if you love the club and football by all means
4. People are friendly. Do talk to strangers

Hi friends! I have been convinced to keep a travel blog by Hayzale Lee so here goes nothing! Anyway left at 0010 on Monday the 22nd of August (Sunday night if you’re confused) and said my goodbyes to friends physically and virtually — don’t worry hor everyone Daniel Seow big boi boi now can change diaper on my own.

SJI, Church, CJC, SMU — really am blessed

(Missing Isaac, & sorry Nic for choosing the lousy pic of you — i’m not actually sorry)

So I believe I am the king of last minute decisions because the day then i flew off was also the day that I booked my accommodation and flight to Barcelona with absolutely no idea of what i’m going to do there.

I totally forgot to mention that at immigration into Paris there was a Chinese girl in front of me and she was asked something in French by the immigration officer, she replied in less than fluent English that she doesn’t speak French and the officer countered with “why do you come here to study if you don’t know how to speak French” and all she could do to reply was “I’m studying in English”.

I KNEW IT WAS MY TURN TO GET ATTACKED so akin to any game when you’re losing you have to take a risk and go on the offensive and that is what I did BOOM “Hello ma’am any nice places to eat near the airport?” and she was clearly thrown off her guard and told me several places by bus/metro and before I knew it the skirmish was over and emerged victorious was yours truly.

Upon reaching Paris I had to lug my luggage all the way from T1 to T2 to deposit my big ones there (as i’m about to travel before settling in Paris) and then again to T3 to check in AND TO MY HORROR I discovered that in my haste I accidentally booked the FOLLOWING MONDAY’S flight to Barcelona and had to change it to the 1435 flight which cost me-

100 Euros.

Jesus Christ Vueling some budget my ass. But then it’s my fault for not checking so oh bother there goes a few lunches for the next few days.

Anyway I reached Barcelona and slowly made my way by bus and train and LOTS of walking because some kind soul whom I asked for directions pointed me the wrong way. So that 5 block distance became 15 (5 wrong, 5 correctional, 5 actually needed) but easy game cause walking is my thing.

Managed to get the just before 1900, and that is also the time that the hostel closes their dinner orders (it’s a mass dinner at 2100). So yeap I found myself eating with other backpackers and made friends and went for a night out and I somehow slept by the beach side from like 0300 to 0530ish? What a first day.

Day 2

The night before my German friend Maxi jio-ed me to visit the Sagrade Familiar (which you definitely have to get tickets online in advanced or face rejection at the entrace) and we both managed to get up at 0900 for out 1015 time-slot there!

It’s really quite the amazing view from outside — the picture doesn’t do it justice

Alright so the Sagrada Familia is really quite awesome inside and out- it just irks me that it really costs quite a fair bit to go inside. So does all other touristy things I suppose so I guess it’s normal.

Spent the whole of the day eating burgers, exploring the beach, taking a cable car which was so not worth the 15 euros and 1.5 hour wait, going up to the castle to see the whole of Barcelona and basically walking like mad.

To sum it up — it was definitely an awesome Day 2. Had to say my goodbyes to Maxi & Lyndy and several others cause they depart early the next for their next travel/work destinations.

Day 3

Woke up past noon. Got myself a SIM card. Played Pokemon GO for the rest of the day.

Okay i’m kidding that’s not what I did (not entirely true) — I visited Camp Nou and explored the less popular parts of the city (for I’m saving the big attractions for tomorrow) and it was honestly a chilled day. Nothing interesting really-


So when I went to sleep at 0300 the previous day there was like only 1 other person in my room of 6, but when I woke up at half past noon today it wasn’t by choice because there was this 4 Chinese tourist speaking really loudly and getting ready for their day.

And all I could do was just use my phone and turn towards the wall.

I’m lying

Despite my mandarin being really horrible (as most people would know), my main problem is talking in mandarin but I can understand pretty well- So I was secretly eavesdropping onto their conversations which involved them wanting to buy stuff or visit stuff and just plain old typical tourist things to do so… Sorry nothing interesting.

BUT THEY WERE REALLY LOUD and I was worried they would be my roomies for the next 2 days but LO AND BEHOLD they were only here for the night I really have no clue as to their travel itinerary but yeap goodbye potential roomies

Spent Day 3 planning my next last-minute adventure to Valencia! Speaking of which in the midst of my planning I had to say bye to my 2 American friends (Michelle & Koren from Massachusetts I think) who were so kind & awesome to leave me their beach towels since I didn’t have one!

Day 4

I woke up at 10.08 and made it down by 10.15 for the free daily tour around Barcelona’s city. A few of us from Yeah Hostel assembled outside the hostel with the guide and several others from other hostels and we made our way to the center and began our tour

All the English speaking tourists :)

The cool guy kneeling down? He’s a free lancing tour guide and his knowledge of the city’s walkways and history and food and all is just marvelous- don’t think I could do such a good job as him when it comes to Singapore.

Anyway there was really a lot of history to digest and everyone was snapping photos. If you don’t know me by now I’m more of a “live in the moment” person and only take very few shots- so I spent the time that people used to take photos catching Bulbasaur and Pidgeys and I chuckled when I caught one on one of the pillars that people were taking photos of — all the while I was pretending to take a photo too (I admit my sneakiness dear new friends reading this) HAHAHA maybe buying data wasn’t such a good idea. Okay scratch that it was a fabulous idea as I will later elaborate more on.

At the end of the tour I decided to ask around who wanted lunch and TA-DA made some new friends and fellow tourists for the day in the form of these 4 below!!

Gary from the US, Clare from Aus, Jane from NZ, and Leila from Aus

It was really fun going about with them and Poke-hunting as well HAHAHA and eventually after all the sight-seeing and talking we found a nice spot in the shade at the beach RIGHT NEXT TO THE TOILET but there was shade so it was worthhhhh it.

After a bit of babe watching (I loved how we all just commented on everyone we could see as well as try to attract the people selling ice cold drinks) I went by myself to buy a drink- but who knew this would be the start of another epic adventure


So there I was with my phone out walking towards the convenience stall when 2 Spanish boys tapped me on the shoulder, pointed at my phone, and said something incoherent. I just gave them a puzzled look and was about to say sorry and walk off when the other dude said “Mr. Mime”.

Oh. My. God. My one purpose in Europe was about to be fulfilled.

And so I followed them down the street and turn left into the market and THERE IT WAS! One of THE weirdest Pokemon so I caught it for myself and my friend using his account (Owe me lunch, XY) and after saying bye and going back to my friends they asked me where my drink was and I had no choice but to spill the beans HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anywayyy we split after that cause they wanted to go back and rest- but it was my last day in Barcelona so i walked to the tip of the beach- gazed upon the view (times like this you wish for friends back home to see it too with their own pair of eyes), walked around some more, had a burger, went back to the hostel, confirmed my bus for the next day, went out again, and then back to bed WHICH by the way I made a new Russian friend who couldn’t speak English but was a graffiti artist and showed me his work and he IS COOL SUKA BLYAT alright that’s all I have for now cheers buddies:)

Oh wait wait one last thing to add- met this cool guy Nicco from Italy. Went he found out I was Singaporean he was like “Ohhhhh Singaporeans always like to play tricks on people right? I met one tried to trick people all the time” something along those lines and so I admitted it was true once in a while, although I’m sure we don’t do it all the time. So wherever you are you cheeky Singaporean- your deeds of tricks are being spread around Europe so kudos to you good sir- you must have been a fun guy to hang with (unless I kenna all the tricks)

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